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If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need a partner. We partner with organizations and individuals to provide professional development skills, instill strong leadership abilities, and promote effectiveness from the top down.

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Some Happy Customers

“Collaborating with Galloway Coaching has changed the way I communicate, delegate and lead. The change has been 100% positive.”

– UBS – Talent Specialist


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5 WAYS TO MOTIVATE OTHERS – “Motivation plays a big part in my life and career. I have to motivate myself, motivate my clients and also help them develop the skills they need to self-motivate. That’s a lot of motivation and it doesn’t always come easy…”

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  • Leadership Development<br />
& Management Training
    Leadership Development
    & Management Training
    Leadership Development
    & Management Training

    Learning skills such as leadership, communication and productivity play a vital role in both professional development and reinforcing corporate culture. We offer leadership development training that ensures participants develop the skills they need to lead, manage and grow within the organizational framework.

    Training available in the areas of:

    • Effective communication
    • Leadership for new managers
    • Team planning
    • Conflict Management
    • Emotionally intelligent leadership
    • And more…
  • Executive<br />

    The essence of executive coaching is empowering leaders to overcome challenges and create results for themselves and the organization. We offer executive coaching that fosters self-awareness and learning in ways that increase performance and meet organizational needs.

    We specialize in helping you develop:

    • Communication skills
    • Goal setting abilities
    • Strategic thinking
    • Accountability strategies
    • Emotional intelligence
    • And more…
  • Corporate Culture<br />
    Corporate Culture
    Corporate Culture

    A company’s culture and values should be reflected at every level of the organization, and in the behavior of every employee. We offer corporate culture consulting that evaluates existing culture, supports the development of desired outcomes, and aligns your vision with your organization’s strategy and workforce.

    We offer consultation and support on:

    • Corporate vision
    • Evaluation
    • Strategy
    • Implementation
    • Change Management
    • And more…


Our History and Leadership

Based in NYC, Galloway Coaching provides training, coaching, and consulting services to progressive organizations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs looking to move beyond their current success towards their full potential.

We supply bespoke professional development and management training, learning and development solutions, consulting services, and executive coaching.

In our work, we build relationships built on trust, supporting organizations and individuals in making important decisions on strategy, leadership, communication and corporate culture.

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Our Founder

With a truly unique professional journey from law school to a career in finance and consulting, Jamie approaches every project and conversation with a wealth of experience and inspiring insights. His diverse professional background and engaging personal story empowers him to connect deeply with leaders and employees in an authentic way, and to deliver a fresh perspective on organizational strategy.

Jamie’s professional and commercial skills were honed though years working in consulting and business recovery for financial services giant PwC. Additionally, Jamie is an experienced New York University certified executive and leadership coach, Harvard Institute of Coaching affiliate and law graduate.


Some happy customers

“Collaborating with Galloway Coaching has changed the way I communicate, delegate and lead. The change has been 100% positive.”

UBS – Talent Specialist

“Working with Jamie has provided me with a degree of confidence, clarity and certainty around my leadership style that I didn’t dream possible.”

E! – Production Executive

“I’m better, my team is stronger, my clients are happier, my bottom line is healthier. What else can I say? Hire Jamie.”

Sotheby’s International – Commercial Real Estate VP


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  • Failure: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

    I recently watched Presidents Bush and Clinton give out advice to a group of graduating students from the Presidential Leadership Scholars program. “Don’t be afraid to fail. But, you probably will whether you’re afraid to or not.”, said Clinton. And he’s right. Being afraid of failure is natural, it’s human, and it costs people a lot in terms of pursuing their dreams, goals and ambitions. The reality is however that you are most likely going […]

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  • Clarity Is King: 2 Steps to Understanding and Being Understood

    To feel heard and to feel understood is a gift. Too often conversations, emails and texts are rushed, vague and open to interpretation. This can mean trouble down the line both at work and in your personal life. On a basic level, it’s important to recognize that we’re all unique and that our brains all think differently. For example; if I say the words New York City, what comes up for you? Skyscrapers, street hot […]

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  • 6 Golden Rules Of Giving Feedback

    A major component of my job as a coach is providing feedback. It’s not always easy, but fortunately my clients are aware that it’s part of the process and in all honesty, it’s why they signed up. They want to know how they’re doing and how to make it better. In every situation be it in work or in my personal life, I always try and keep things moving in a forward direction. As a […]

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